3 Challenges Faced By Returning Veterans

If you’re a vetern returning back to civilian life here at home, there are a variety of emotions, changes and adjustments that take place. While in many ways this is a happy time, it can also bring about some new challenges. In this post we look at 3 of the many challenges faced by veterans, and some ways you may be able to address them.


Returning home from being deployed involves a drastic change in environment, both in physical and geographical location as well as daily living conditions. This includes changes to how you live, as well as whom you live alongside. While serving you are part of a close-knit group and a unit, doing everything with others and as a “team,” and often spending little time alone. Coming back may mean just the opposite, though. Western societies like life in the United States can be very individualistic, representing a massive departure from the group-centered conditions you’ve become accustomed to. Despite support from close family or relatives, you may still feel alone in a sharp transition or contrast to the group mentality you came from.

Seeking a community, within your family and the area in which you live, can be a helpful way to reintegrate. You will want to reconnect and create bonds with people, through social interactions and group participations, so you feel less isolated. Joining groups with other veterans may help, too, as you can connect over your shared experiences.

Health Issues

Veterans face some unique health-related concerns, which can vary widely depending on type of service, length of service and experiences faced.  Health issues can encompass many things, from mental to physical, some with short-term effects and some that may have a life-long impact. Stress, anxiety, and PTSD are common mental and emotional impacts experienced by soldiers, which can affect day-to-day living long after combat is over. Physical injury, from chronic pains to impairments, can also impact life at home and require a change from how you lived before. In addition to addressing the actual health issues, veterans may also need to go through the “bureaucratic” processes of getting healthcare, including documentation, insurance paperwork and other logistical items. For those who have been away a while, these processes often change and obtaining benefits can be both complex and confusing. 

While some health issues require medical attention and professional treatment, from therapy to counseling to medication, others you may be able to help cope with at home. For some veterans, CBD has been effective in combating stress and anxiety and even PTSD resulting from serving.

Rejoining The Workforce

As a returning veteran, your professional career structure is suddenly changed drastically. It’s possible you’ve never looked or applied for a civilian job before, nor completed a typical interview process including searching for a job, creating a resume and submitting an application. There are also challenges associated with translating your military skills and representing it in a way that applies to a civilian job. Even if you’re experienced with the process, in today’s technological world things change fast and applications may be different and/or online presenting a challenge. It’s also possible you are coming back to an existing job, which represents a huge departure or transition from your working environment. This could mean going from combat to a desk job rapidly, which is a massive change. There are social changes to adjust to in the office place as well, which will vary from your experience in the field.

There are many veterans resources online which can help with the logistics of applying and submitting the appropriate documentation, and job boards with positions which may be good choices for you.

At Golden Green Naturals we respect our veterans, and recognize the many unique challenges they face. This is why we work hard to give back to all veterans, as well as to create products which may help veterans deal with symptoms and challenges in daily life arising as a result.

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