3 Ways Veterans Can Benefit From CBD

CBD has been used increasingly across age demographics to address a variety of ailments. As time goes on, the list of uses for CBD continues to grow. While many audiences can benefit from CBD, one group that reaps great benefits is veterans. CBD helps address some of the unique issues faced by veterans, providing a natural and approachable alternative to traditional medications.

1. Reduce Anxiety And Stress

There is much anecdotal evidence pointing to the effectiveness of CBD in reducing anxiety. Because CBD works through receptors in the brain and may impact serotonin levels, it has shown effective for many in impacting mood, stress and even anxiety and depression. CBD has been reported to reduce anxiety from small stresses to severe cases such as PTSD or anxiety disorders, and to calm nerves and decrease worry overall. For veterans, stress may mean difficult memories of the past, disorders like PTSD, or simply the process of readjusting to daily life.

2. Help Alleviate Pain

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, making it an ideal remedy for a variety of aches and pains. CBD can be taken orally, as well as applied directly topically to the skin to affected areas. This is important and hugely beneficial for anyone who struggles with soreness, chronic pain, or pain coming as a result of an injury. For veterans, CBD may provide relief from old flare-ups and lead to a more comfortable day-to-day. It can also be used to address pain resulting from injuries that occurred in service. Since CBD can have an effect similar to that of an NSAID (non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs) such as Advil or another over the counter medicine, it’s a great all-natural choice.

3. Help With Sleep

CBD’s properties related to the reduction of stress and anxiety also mean positive effects when it comes to sleep. Whether you have difficulty falling or staying asleep, or are suffering from a more severe instance of insomnia, CBD can help. For many users, CBD is being reported as a way to improve the quality and quantity of sleep and in turn increase health overall. Many take the substance an hour before bed to calm their minds and allow them to stop racing so they can get some zzzs. For veterans, CBD may help with insomnia or difficulty sleeping that often occurs after traumatic events or as a result of stress.

These are just a few of the benefits of CBD, and there are many more ways veterans (and anyone) can benefit from the substance. By keeping our prices down, at Golden Green we ensure our CBD is accessible to all and can be purchased by those who stand to benefit the most.


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