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The Golden Green Naturals Story

Our company was founded on a core set of values, based around an understanding, appreciation and respect for the land. These values extend to the people who create and enjoy our products, and we aim to offer the best to everyone. We always source ingredients we are proud of while keeping price point in mind. CBD offers a variety of benefits, and we want to ensure it is accessible to anyone who wants to make use of it.

Pure Products, And Intentions

We offer organically grown high-grade hemp, devoid of dangerous chemicals and pesticides. Our products are incredibly pure, based around natural ingredients that were sourced right. We want you to feel good when you take them, and so we extract our oils with food-grade ethanol to offer the highest quality. Everything is locally grown right here in the beautiful state of Colorado. Our efforts towards purity and quality don’t just apply to our crops; in all aspects of our business we aim to go above and beyond.

CBD For More Than Fun

CBD offers a variety of benefits for a variety of people (and pets, too). Though the jury is still out on some of the applications, research increasingly points to some real benefits. Many studies show CBD can help with common afflictions such as anxiety, and potentially pain relief, acne, and heart issues. While many people suffer from anxiety for a variety of reasons, one core group afflicted is veterans. As such, we support this group in particular through our giving back program, with hopes we can make life a little easier for those who have given so much. We donate to veteran-related causes (more below), and our CBD is priced in a way that makes it accessible for our market of veterans and beyond.

Each Purchase a Promise

At Golden Green Naturals, we provide good products and also just do good. With every purchase our customers make, we make a donation to a veterans-related cause. You read that right. For every purchase you make, we will give $1. We rotate our donations and split them among causes, to help out in as many ways as we can. We do this continuously.

Take a look at our product offerings and see how we can help you or someone you know today.

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