How To Use CBD To Treat Stress And Anxiety

CBD has a wide variety of uses, from cosmetic purposes to health and well-being to treating actual illnesses or ailments. Research is currently being conducted around the world on CBD, and more and more people are touting its benefits and sharing their first-hand experiences on the benefits. As CBD continues to rise in popularity, more and more studies are being conducted to test and validate these benefits and claims.

One major use for CBD is to treat stress, as well as anxiety and more serious conditions including anxiety disorders. Below we look at the details on stress and anxiety, and explain how CBD may be a helpful option for you if you struggle with either.

What Is Stress?

The definition of stress is variable, but generally refers to “tough or demanding” positions we are in or situations we experience throughout our life. While stressors vary greatly from person-to-person, the result is the same and stress often produces feelings of unease, worry, racing thoughts and other discomforts which can be mental, emotional and physical. Common causes of stress are unknown situations, change, and issues with money, work, or family and friends. 

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a response to stress, and often results in fear or apprehension about an unknown or known but anticipated outcome. Anxiety can be short-lived or in response to a one-time event, but it may also be more severe. Those who experience anxieties for periods of longer than 6 months, or whose symptoms cause interference with daily life and activities, may be struggling with an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders may be chronic, but they are also sometimes triggered by a traumatic event.

What Does CBD Have To Do With Stress Or Anxiety?

There are many traditional ways to treat stress and anxiety, including through relaxation, meditation, counseling or therapy, physical activity, over-the-counter medications, and prescription medications. While these options work for some, for others they aren’t effective or they may include unwanted side effects. Some people simply want to avoid taking chemicals or unnatural medications when possible and prefer to follow an all-natural route. And often, some of the solutions such as therapy or certain medications may be cost prohibitive. 

As a result, CBD is emerging as a popular treatment for both stress and anxiety mild or severe. Some research shows CBD is effective in treating stress because CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid receptors in your brain, allowing your overall mood to change. CBD can also help you sleep better, which contributes to overall health and wellness and can help reduce stress and anxiety. We delve more into the science of how it works in this post.

Why Should I Try CBD For Stress of Anxiety?

So why should you try CBD rather than one of the traditional methods of treating anxiety? While it can sometimes be intimidating to try a new product, there are many reasons you might choose to try CBD. Each user’s reason for selecting CBD will vary depending on their amount of stress or anxiety, its underlying causes, and their personal wellness goals, of course. Here are some of the most common reasons people turn to CBD:

  • Other treatments you’ve tried are not effective in treating stress
  • Using CBD does not require attending therapy sessions, which can be expensive and time-consuming (although it may be combined with therapy by some)
  • All natural solution for addressing pain, as CBD is a plant-based substance
  • CBD offers other benefits including reducing pain, improving sleep, and more
  • There’s no tolerance build up, so CBD dosage needn’t increase over time. It’s also easy to change the dosage of CBD as your personal stress or anxiety changes
  • It’s easy to take, with many format options to meet your preferences
  • CBD has an approachable cost point for all
  • Limited side effects, as compared to prescription or over-the-counter options
  • Golden Green understands the unique struggles and stresses/anxieties faced by veterans and their experiences serving
  • Does some good – we give back to our veterans so you’re not only helping yourself but also helping others

Getting Started With CBD

Do you struggle with stress or anxiety? Are you ready to give CBD a try? If you’re new, you can often experience results after a single use which allows you to determine quickly if and how much CBD is right for you. Visit our products page to see all the CBD options we have to offer, and start reducing your stress today.

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