Let’s Talk About Tinctures: All About This Popular Form Of CBD

CBD boasts a large variety of uses for its users, with applications in medicine, wellness including for the treatment of pain and anxiety, and even beauty. In addition to this variety, CBD is versatile in that there are many different ways the substance can be taken. At Golden Green Naturals we offer most of our CBD products in tincture form (we also offer softgels). Tinctures have been around a long time and can be taken in many ways, yet the format is unfamiliar to some people, and especially first-time CBD users. This post delves into the world of tinctures, to help you understand what you are, how to take them, and more.

Definition of a Tincture

The term “tincture” describes a concentrated substance that is mixed into an alcoholic solvent. The substance mixed with alcohol is often a natural one, originating from a plant or an herb. 

“A solution of a medicinal substance in an alcoholic solvent” (Merriam Webster)

Tinctures are taken orally, and are generally sold in glass bottles with droppers. CBD tinctures specifically are comprised of hemp, which is mixed into the alcoholic solvent.

How To Take A Tincture

As mentioned above, tinctures are most frequently taken through a dropper.  Although dosage varies depending on your needs and the substance, most dosages are small or just a few drops. Drops can be placed directly under your tongue and taken orally, or they may be mixed into another substance whether that be food or a beverage. Tinctures are pretty versatile, so it’s possible to be creative with what you mix them into.

Benefits Of Tinctures

Tinctures offer many benefits, appealing to a large variety of CBD users for a variety of reasons:

    • Versatile: Tinctures can be mixed into many different foods or drinks, or taken directly under the tongue. This versatility can meet unique preferences, and offer different ways to take the tincture at different times.


  • Portable: Since tinctures come in small bottles, they are easy to bring with you no matter where you go or what you do. Stash them in your bag, your purse, our car, your backpack, even your pocket!
  • Dosage: Tinctures are concentrated, which means that a little goes a long way. Because tinctures are taken in drops, it’s also extremely easy to change your dosage over time or as your needs change, as well as to experiment to find the correct dosage for you.
  • Flavorful: Tinctures may be unflavored, for those who don’t want any taste. And for those who want something a little more “fun,” tinctures are also able to be flavored, which makes them approachable (and delicious) for any palate. At Golden Green Naturals we currently offer two flavors that mix easily with others – Mint and Lemon.
  • Good Shelf Life: Tinctures last a long time, so you don’t have to worry about them spoiling or going out of code like some other food-based products.
  • Fast-Acting: Tinctures taken under the tongue enter your system quickly. This means you don’t need to wait long for your anticipated effects of CBD, which can be especially important if you are taking CBD to alleviate pain or in a stressful moment.


Beyond Tinctures

In addition to tinctures, there are several other popular ways to take CBD including capsules and pills (like our Softgels), food-based products, topical solutions and even in an oil which can be turned to vapor for inhalation.


Now that you know more about tinctures, are you ready to try one out? Take a look at what we offer and try a tincture today!

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