The CBD Journey

Your CBD journey is beginning in the right way just with you taking the first step.  Most people begin with a curiosity about CBD and what it actually is. Hemp has been demonized for decades by its association with its sister plant, cannabis and its psycho-active ingredient, THC. It is extremely important to differentiate between the two species of the plant. the hemp plant is a plant that is high in CBD compounds and low in THC (less than .3%) or with more extraction methods 0% THC. On the other hand cannabis is a plant that is high in THC and low on CBD. This makes the Hemp plant ideal for enabling the endocannabinoid system in the human body to get back to homeostasis. The Hemp plant and the CBD contained within have been used for over 6000 years in the art of healing and relief from many many ailments. Over the years, this vital part of the human internal systems has been virtually ignored by Dr’s. and researchers. Thankfully with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill passed by the US government legalizing the cultivation of Hemp in all 50 states and any Hemp products with less than .3% THC, there can be renewed research into the benefits of CBD in many many aspects for the human body. People have been using Hemp for such things as inflammation, anxiety, pain, and relaxation with much reported success. There have been no FDA studies at this point to either confirm or refute these claims.  One thing I can say is, that companies that claim it heals or cures any specific diseases at this point in time are just plain incorrect. It will be years before there is any confirmed proof one way or another on any aspects of that. CBD is an aide to help reduce certain human ailments, NOT a cure for anything.

In later post, I will give my personal journey on how and why I got involved with CBD and its potentials.  I will also give an account of my journey to start a CBD business in case anyone else has a passion for CBD and its benefit to the human body. I will also be offering the chance to start your own CBD business the opportunity to help others.

Next up, The Human Endocannabinoid System. Thanks for the read!! let us know what you think.

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